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August Challenges

Hi friends! I am so excited for this new trend we are going to be starting each month.  We have done a handful of challenges and I love the effort it brings out in all of those that participate.  However, they have not happened consistently and that is something I would like to make happen.  Each month you can expect new challenges and new prizes. My hope is to pick challenges that allow every member to feel involved so as the month changes, so will the goal of the challenge.  


For the month of August, there are three challenges that all center on classes that we offer here at Union Fitness.  Our evening classes have been steadily full but we would love to see more faces at 6am and noon – although classes in the evening can still count for one of the choices. 


Early bird gets the worm.


  • whoever attends the most 6am classes will be the winner of this category and receive a gift card to a local coffee / breakfast shop.


Lunch Time Achiever.


  • whoever attends the most lunch time classes will be the winner of this category and receive a gift card to a local lunch spot.


Class Killer.


  • whoever attends the most overall classes will be the winner of this category and receive a gift basket filled with a variety of gym goodies.


If you decide to join (which I hope you do!!), there are only two things that I need you to do.  First of all, come to classes! Secondly, print your name on the appropriate paper and add a tally after each class.  You may compete in all three if you would like, but if you happen to win more than one category you will receive the prize you want most.  The person following your lead will receive the prize for the other categories. 



Curtis Challenges YOU!

Back by popular demand are our monthly challenges for all members and staff here at Union Fitness. For the month of February, there will be 3 different challenges to choose from. You can pick one of them, or you can do all of them and see how well you progress throughout the month. Just as we did in the month of December, we will place the scoring sheets on the glass outside of the cardio lab. These challenges can be done either here at Union Fitness or in the privacy of your own home if you aren’t able to make it in. Just be sure to tag us on instagram so we can record your score for you. The winner of each challenge will receive a free massage. For those of you who are not ready to come back to the gym we can save your massage for a later date. 


Here are the challenges.


Challenge 1: Sand bag/Dball bear hug for time.


For this challenge, the goal is to bear hug a 200 pound sand bag or an 80 pound Dball for as long as possible without putting it down. You can stand in one place, walk around with it, or jump up and down if you want (although we don’t advise that). Just as long as you don’t put it down. Record your time and try to beat it throughout the month.


Challenge 2: Push-Ups.


Similar to our pull-up challenge from December, the goal here is to accumulate as many push-ups as possible over the course of the month. These can be done anytime and anywhere. Just record how many you have done. The only rule is that your arms have to reach a 90 degree angle on each rep. 


Challenge 3: Total calories burned.


This can be done on either the rower, ski erg, the assault bike, or a combination of all three. Record your total calories for each workout and add them up at the end of the month to see how you did.


As with each of these, we will select the male and female winners for each challenge. You’ve already started the year off strong. Now let’s keep it rolling and crush some new goals and personal records. Stay strong, friends!