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Welcome to UF Maggie

posted on May 5, 2021

What’s up Union Fam! 


Some of you may have seen me sneak into your #powerful class, cardio labs or hanging out at the front desk trying to get to know everyone. But, I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself a little. My name is Maggie, and I am the new Business Operations Director here at UF! 


I originally grew up outside of NYC in Yonkers, NY. Sometimes you can hear the accent when I get dragging and really need a cup of cawfee in the afternoon. I played competitive basketball for about 7 years and played on my varsity team for freshman and sophomore year in high school. After my sophomore year, I lost my love for the game due to varying reasons that I will discuss in a different blog post. I then started coaching for about 4 years while I was also rowing for a community team. I found my love for the game again through coaching and figured out that I love working with kiddos! During my summers in high school I worked at a day camp giving swim lessons (which is another passion of mine) and lifeguarding. 


After I graduated from high school I decided to come out to the Burgh for college and was originally studying Biology. I quickly realized that was not the path for me and took an Intro to Exercise Science class. I immediately fell in love with learning what exercise does for our bodies and minds and why it does those things. The science behind movement and adaptations is something that really interests me and pushed me to pursue a degree in Health and Human Development with a concentration in Exercise Science. That was honestly the best decision I have ever made, again for varying reasons that I will discuss in a separate blog. So, there is a VERY brief introduction of who I am. Sorry that it isn’t just useless facts, but if you really want them here ya go: 


Name: Maggie 

Favorite color: Green 

Favorite food: Boneless wings (I like to call them glorified chicken nuggets) or sushi

Favorite mode of exercise: Probably swimming. There is something really cool about being underwater to me. 

Favorite thing about UF: The fact that I get to pet Thor at the front desk. 

Fun fact: After a thorough Wikipedia, nothing exciting happened on my birthday except for the Lehman Brothers going bankrupt and me having the same birthday as Dan Marino. (Sept. 15)


Well, there ya have it. A little background on me and some facts that you might not ever use again. I am super excited to be here and meet all of you! If you see me around the gym PLEASE do not be afraid to come up to me and introduce yourself. I can’t wait to hear all of your useless facts and get to know you all a little more! 






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