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Where’s the Confusion?

posted on December 5, 2022

Last night Erica (my wife) and I were discussing why people don’t reach their goals. First and foremost people don’t come to the gym consistently. As Curtis wrote about recently we must not just be motivated we must have discipline. Step one is taking the first step everyday. Just arising and beginning the day with some movement is the first step toward success. The problem is that many people start and then hit a wall due to confusion. Today I will hopefully help remove some of that confusion.


Here are tips to remove confusion from your training and maybe your life.


  1. Create goals. Have an idea about where your are going. Too many people come to the gym only to spin their wheels. Set some sort of goal and be ready to adjust, yet start with a goal.
  2. Create a plan. The worst plan that’s run with consistency is better than the best plan not run with it.
  3. Overcome obstacles. I promise you that you will miss a training session, have a bad training session, or have hiccups along the way. None of this matters, just show up again tomorrow.
  4. Get your diet right. This is one area with much confusion. It should not be that confusing, veggies are good, fruit good, protein sources good, and candy not good. Do not fall into the trap of social media. If someone says something too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.
  5. Give yourself a break. No one is perfect and stop looking at people who lie for a living. If someone is trying to sell you an image then they are probably not being 100% truthful.
  6. Find small wins. Small wins add up to bigger ones. If your meeting runs late and you have to shorten your workout then do it. But still do something!
  7. Sleep and drink water. These are two of the most underrated ways to achieve any goal.


This is all I know after more than two decades of studying this information. What I do know is that if all you do is follow these basic rules then your chance of success will increase. Additionally, you’ll feel better about your health.





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