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Alison’s Training Log: January

posted on January 11, 2019

I absolutely love this time of year. I despise cold weather, snow and all things winter in Pittsburgh BUT I do love the newness of a fresh start that is a New Year. So with the start of 2019, I started a new program. Yay for new programs!


To finish off my last cycle, I maxed out my front squat and back squat. I ended up gaining 20lbs on my front squat and 25lbs on my back squat.



I used these new maxes to map out my next training cycle. This cycle I wanted to focus on gaining back some more pre-baby strength, double down on glute building and continue to work on rebuilding my wrecked C-section core. I realized with my last cycle that I was really struggling with the monotony of my program, which was causing me to dread workouts or even skip them entirely. So with these things in mind, I decided on a triphasic of sorts program with a concentration on glutes and core. This would provide me with the variety in training that I craved while being consistent at the same time.


Over the holiday break (when I worked out only twice in two weeks) I had an epiphany moment–I needed some accountability in my training. With Alexa transitioning over to working mornings, it was the perfect opportunity to rope her into being my training partner. She’s been a breath of fresh air and exactly what’s been missing from my workouts. Not only am I getting the built in accountability that comes with a training partner but I’m also getting little snippets of wisdom. Luckily for me, Alexa can’t turn off the personal trainer in her. I hadn’t realized just how many bad habits I’ve acquired from rushing through workouts by myself. If you don’t already have a training partner—get one! I highly recommend!


Here was Week 1:

Day 1
5 count Eccentric Squat 4×5@ 70%
4×5@ 70% 4x6per
4x6per 4×8
Box Jumps Box Jumps
Banded KB Swings 4×8
Squat Pulses 4×10
10 min Alt. EMOM:
A) Prowler D&B
B) :30 Plank


Day 2
5 count Eccentric OHP 4×5@ 70%
Landmine Lateral Raise 3×10
Seated FB Shoulder Press 3×12
Hollow Body FB Figure 8’s 3×20
Eccentric Pull Ups 3×6
FB Side Bends 3×20
Cable Upright Row 3×12
AB Wheel 3×10


Day 3
5 count Eccentric Deadlift (70%) 4×5@ 70%
Eccentric Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x6per
Eccentric Hip Thrusts 4×5
GHR Back Raises 4×10
Glute Bridge 4×20
Band Kick Backs 3×20
Fire Hydrants 3×20
Table Top Glute Kick Ups 3×20
Kettlebell Swings


Day 4
5 count Eccentric Bench Press (70%) 4×5@ 73.5
Eccentric Bent Over Row 4×6
Single Arm FB Bench Press 3×10
Eccentric Bicep Curls 3×10
Hanging Leg Raises 3×10
Facepulls 3×20
Cable Tricep Pushdowns 3×12
Cable Crunches 3×12
FB Flyes 3×10
Ring Rows 3×10
TRX Ab Medley 3x5per



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