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posted on March 17, 2020

Alright guys, so I’ve put together a few days worth of workouts for you. Please program in your own rest day and avoid doing these workouts all 4 days in a row. Also, feel free to cherry pick and do your favorites first if you so please, just have fun with it.


If you have questions please feel free to email me at jocelyn@unionfitness.com or even reach out to me via my personal IG @jlemay or the Union Fitness Instagram account as well.


Stay healthy my friends,





5 min active warm up: consider a light jog

Into: 3 rounds (easy)

10 toe touches 

10 air squats

10 lunges


5 rounds:

10 sit-ups

:20 plank

10 lemon squeezers

:20 plank

10 v-ups (substitute with hollow hold)

*goal is to make everything look pretty and not rush.



400m or 2:00 run

50 air squats

400m or 2:00 run

30 jumping lunges

400m or 2:00 run

20 air squats

*If you’re feeling frisky, 2 rounds for quality not time.



5 min active warm up: consider a light jog

Into: 3 rounds (easy)

10 arm circles

10 air squats

10 jumping jacks



60 singles or 10 squat jumps (if you don’t have a jump rope)

15 KB swings (substitute with push ups, from toes or knees based on ability) 

5 – 10 burpees (pick your poison)

Cash Out

Accumulate a 5:00 – 8:00 wall sit, to make it harder – Use a small dog or child works as well.



5 min active warm up: consider a light jog

Into: 3 rounds (easy)

10 butt kicks

10 high knees

10 toe touches



10 bench dips (get creative use your couch or something sturdy)

:20 – :30 side plank, both sides (get those hips on the floor)

10 split squats each leg (use a gallon of water to make it harder)


TABATA (:20 on/:10 off) 

5 rounds of:

Mountain climbers

Jumping jacks

Plank shoulder taps




If you have access to a track or trail, even your own neighborhood works.

Go for a 30 – 45 min run/walk, take your dog or your kids and just get moving outside.


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