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Keeping your cool in this hard time.

posted on March 18, 2020

Hello all my super sanitized amigos!


I know a lot of you are working from home or just practicing social distance to flatten the curve in these strange times. There is no need to have cabin fever and turn into Jack Torrance from the Shining with these 7 ways to stay sane I’m about to give you.


1. Stay active and workout from home or outside (coming from the King of the Bumps). Yes you will have to get creative and use; steps, chairs, gallon milk jugs, logs or heavy bags of dog food but that is what makes exercise fun! You can also check out Union’s Instagram and website for some cool training ideas.


2. Take time to phone a family member, friend or training partner. This is an opportunity to shoot the bull and keep everyone’s mental health up. Times like these you learn how powerful a quick phone call check in can be. You can also face-time, text and maybe even send smoke signals if you’re into that sort of thing.


3. Read those books that you have been putting on hold.


4. Cook real food/ learn how to cook. The internet still works and there are plenty cool meals out there for you to try and make your own. Cooking is a great way to take your mind off the outside world and get creative in the moment. If you want some great ideas reach out to this cool chick you may know as Skylyn. If you don’t know…now you know.


5. Take some time to go outside. Find a trail in the woods or walk around your favorite park and take in some exercise and naturally forming vitamin D from the Sun. You’ll still want to keep a safe distance from people so you don’t spread or contract the coronavirus. I know we’ll be taking our pups on a nice hike later today.


6. Pick up and old skill you’ve gotten away from because of work or a busy life schedule. I’m tuning up my bass as we read and plan on rocking out later. Horns up fam!


7. All your home renovations or clothes that you have been meaning to sort through in your pile…looks like you got some time now to put some work in and get caught up on it all.


Bonus Tip


8. Make a friendly wager on how big the baby boom will be from the time in quarantine.


Stay safe, protect your mentals and remember to wash your hands my friends.


Air High Five,



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