Alison’s August Training Log

posted on August 16, 2019

If you talk to any coach in the industry for long enough, they’ll tell you they face burn out in their own personal training from time to time.  As coaches, we want to gift our time, energy and attention to the positive changes that are taking place within our clients’ lives.  It’s not uncommon to give so much of yourself to your clients that there isn’t much leftover for your own endeavors.  Sometimes our own training gets set to the side.  My dedication to my clients is unwavering and I wish I could say the same about my training.  But here I am, and I’m accepting that it’s just a phase in my life right now. 


So to accommodate the burnout I’m feeling in my training, I switched my focus to full body training days.  This way, if I can only manage to fit in one or two sessions a week at least I’ll hit all the major body parts. I have three days per week programmed and lately I’d call it a great week if I get to all three. C’est la vie, I guess!


Below is day 1:


A1. Zercher Box Squats 3×6

A2. SL D-Ball Walking Lunge 3x one Turf Length per Leg

B1. Tempo RDL’s [3 sec ecc. 3 sec bottom pause 3 sec top pause] 3×8

B2. Ring Rows 3x 15

C1. Bench Press 3×5

C2. Eccentric Cable High Row 3×8

D1. Pause Leaning Lateral Raise 3×8

D2. Back Ext. Oblique Twist 3x 15


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