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Alison’s Squat Experiment

posted on July 19, 2019

Training Log: July




It’s the good kind of wrecked but wrecked nonetheless. I just finished up a 4 week cycle of a mix of heavy/volume training weeks on the main lifts and some high volume super sets of bodybuilding, with some light or band work circuits.  It got the job done, considering the job currently is to feel good and hopefully (slowly) build some muscle and change body composition. Considering how beat up I’m feeling, I am going to finish this cycle off with a deload/recovery/cardio week.  


I did a little something different with my back squats this cycle, which was kinda fun/terrible.  It’s a good mix up to a traditional volume rep scheme, so try it out if you’re ever feeling bored or stuck in your training:


Week 1 Week2 Week 3 Week4
Sqwwaat Find 12 rep max  5×2@ heavy 2 reps at 12 rep max, rest :10, do 3 reps rest :10, do 5 reps rest :10, do 10 reps, repeat 1x in reverse order  5×1@ heavy


First, find your 12 rep max back squat.  This ended up being roughly around 70% of my 1 rep max.  I did 3-4 sets before I called it but realistically I probably had around 5 maaaaybe 10lbs left in the tank.  Week 3 ends up being 40 reps at your 12 rep max weight, broken up into two sets.  Warm up to your 12 rep max weight and perform 2 reps/rest :10, 3 reps/rest :10, 5 reps/rest :10, and finish the set with 10 reps.  Rest as long as needed (I think I rested around 5 minutes to feel fully recovered) then repeat in the opposite order.  Perform 10 reps/rest :10, 5 reps/rest :10, 3 reps/rest :10 and finish the set with 2 reps.  Volume at moderate weight is my wheelhouse so this felt not-so-terrible, but my posterior chain the following days would not agree with that statement. 


It was also nice mixing in some heavy days as I haven’t spent much time lately squatting anything heavy.  My heavy days, as opposed to my volume days, felt terrible. I was, to put it simply, scared. The bar felt so SO heavy and I was worried I would just crumble under the weight of it or worse, get injured.  It was a humbling reminder that lifting is not just about strength but also confidence and experience. 


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