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Alison’s training log 12/7/18

posted on December 7, 2018

This week my program called for 6 sets of 2 front squats and 4 back squats at 100% of my previous front squat max. I was a little anxious so I put it off for a couple days and when I finally got around to it, I reluctantly set up the camera. This first video is from September when I tested my front squat max:



This second video is from my first set of this week’s program:



The difference between these clips is exactly why I encourage my clients (and myself!) to track their progress, with either videos like the above or good ole fashion pen and paper. Weights in both videos are the same yet in the second video I’m noticeably faster, stronger and leaner. There’s less bounce out of the bottom of my squat, my form is not perfect but better (a constant work in progress) and clearly Ryan’s booty program is working because all I hear inside my head when I squat now is “Hips through! Squeeze your glutes!”. All wins in my book.


Like any normal training program– there were a few hiccups in this cycle. My 10 week program turned into a 13-14 week program due to illness, lack of sleep, general life-happens issues and admittedly a little laziness. I’m now a little over 6 months postpartum yet I’m still sleeping like I have a newborn. My sleep schedule is all over the place. I’m lucky to get a good solid 4 hour stretch in each night and the rest of the night is a crapshoot. This hands down affects my training so I skip workouts or modify them when I need. My nutrition, though, is thankfully pretty solid right now. I’m trying to intake 1900 or more calories per day. I’m concentrating on eating enough protein, staying hydrated and preparing my meals to include milk-boosting foods like oats, almonds, dark leafy greens and avocados.


Looking ahead to what’s in store for my next training cycle, there are a few things I examine before I program for myself: weaknesses I need to work on, what my short-term and long-term goals are, any time restraints I may have coming up and I always try to add a sprinkle of just-for-fun. Here is today’s workout:


Warm up to encourage healing of abdominal diastasis:
3 rds:
Side-Lying Leg Raises x 20per
SLDL x 15per
Push Up x 10
Air Squat x 15
Bird Dog x :30per


Week 8 of Squat Program:
Front Squat/Back Squat 6x 2/4@ 100%


Big Booty Alison Program:
Eccentric Hip Thrusts 4×5
Dimel DL 4×8
GHR Back Raises 4×10
Glute Bridge 4×20


Hanging Leg Raises 4×6
Hollow Body Holds 4x :20


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