April Training Log- Alexa

posted on April 12, 2019

Alexa Ferri

Training Log: 4.5.19

My April Training log is a little different from my previous 3 months of training logs. Reason being, there is a new goal in mind for June. I am training for a full power meet. This is new to me. The goal, that is. I’ve had a small seed in my brain that wanted to do a meet, so now I am letting that come to life and blossom. Honestly, this is fun for me. A new experience. A new zone of comfort to hop out of. I’ve mostly trained in a very bodybuilding manner. I am not going to use absolute terms and say that bodybuilding is the end all be all for me however, it lights me up…(in the least meathead-y way possible or not). So, maybe I can inspirit a flame in one person, and that is to add some productive discomfort to their life and see what is possible.

As far as training goes, in the past I would have cycles of heavier compound lifts and I would have cycles of pure volume (very barfy) compound lifts. Both bring me happiness…well depending on my mood. My training for this meet is not too far off from a normal bodybuilding split for me. I have all my assistance work at 6-12 rep ranges, great. As for my main lifts, I am doing heavy work with speed work sprinkled in. Goal is to get faster.

-Squat and assistance

-Bench and assistance

-Deadlift and assistance

-Overhead Press and assistance

I am currently training 5 days per week. 4 days is my usual amount, but with this program there is a short day of some simple barbell movements and I am out. I have been reluctant to train more than 4 days per week for the past year due to hormonal imbalances from excessive training. My body is extremely sensitive to training and life stressors. Sometimes the life stressors I can’t control, but training I can, so let’s see how my body responds!

Here is a typical squat day for me:


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