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Casey’s October Training

posted on October 19, 2018

We’re going to introduce a newly recurring blog for our gym- training updates from our staff. The aim being two fold:
We want to share with you our successes and failures while hopefully teaching you a little bit of the “why.”
We want you to get to know us better through these trials. We do practice what we preach (most of the time) and this should be an honest representation of that.

There are times to lead from the front and times to lead from the back- this is one of those times that the former is more important. To get this ball rolling, I’ll share with you my recent goals and how well I think I’m doing to achieve those goals.

August 25th I had an international meet in Mountain View, California. It went as well as it could have, and I learned a lot from my failures that day (and really the weeks prior). Since then my training took a back seat. I just wasn’t interested in training, so I let my body and my mind wander, so to speak. My ultimate goal in this sport is to total 2300lbs which might look something like 850 squat, 600 bench, 850 deadlift. To get there will take time, effort, patience, consistency, and some tenacity. So I have to realize that if I need six weeks ‘off’ after a meet to let my body get back to baseline, then that’s the step necessary to get me closer to 2300 as opposed to jumping back in and “grinding it out.”

What happens to muddy water if you keep stirring it? Nothing- it stays muddy. But if you leave it alone, it becomes clear again. So after I let everything settle down, the path to my goal became much more clear. I need to rebuild a foundation for my training. I also want to reduce my stress as much as possible. So I hired a well respected and accomplished coach, Josh Bryant, to lay out my training for me, with the goal being to go from 235lbs to 255lbs. One week in, I’m up to 244lbs- which is to be expected. The next 11lbs will be a little more difficult. My training has looked like this for the first week:

Day 1

SSB 455 2×5
Pause belt squats max set of 6 (11 plates for 10)
Backwards sled drags 6 plates 6 trips
Heavy leg curls 6×3 15 sec rest
Single leg RDL’s 2×3 45 sec rest
Pallof press 3×6 60 sec rest

Day 2

DB Bench 130 4×10
DB row 100 4×10
Dips 45 3×12
Chain fly max 12 at 5 chains/side
Lat pull downs 4×10
Curls w/ ext 30 4×12-15 each

Day 3

Bulgarian split squats 55 2×6
Farmers walk 250 each hand, 4 trips
Barbell Rows 315 4×5
Slow ecc. RDLS 365 2×5
Plank 45 4×20 sec

Day 4

Front raise/Lateral raise/bent over fly 2×12 each
Cobra lat pull downs 3×12
Football bar bench 350 2×5
Single arm rear delt 3×12


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