CeJ’s Turn on Music

posted on April 13, 2020

Hello to all my headbangers & dance dance revolutionaries out there.


Some of you may not know this but growing up, I was in a rock band called “Sunday Brunch”.  Some say we were the greatest band of all time, some say nay we were just a tribute and others, well, they weren’t in our band. We would practice in my best friend’s mom’s garage or basement so we were an OG underground garage band. I was on the bass slapping down some chunky lines and belting out the occasional backup vocals. I grew up listening to motown, funk and some oldies from my parents, mainly on car rides with my Dad. The first CD i bought was Iron Maiden’s Killers because I thought the cover and song names seemed cool and the second was Tenacious D’s first studio album. Ever since then my taste in music has been vibrantly eclectic.


I love live music and if you know me you know I sacrifice quality zzzs to travel to shows and get in some mosh pits. So I’m gonna piggy back off Curtis and his training playlist and give you my top 5  training genres with 5 bands and my go to song that accompanies that band. If you don’t know a band or song well then you better go check it out, you might get jiggy with it…see what I did there?



Mastodon- Blood & Thunder
System of a Down- Sugar
Children of Bodom- Are You Dead Yet
Rammstein- Te Quiero
Atreyu- Bleeding Mascara
Iron Maiden- The Number of the Beast
Motorhead- Ace of Spades
Foo Fighters- White Limo
Coheed & Cambria- The Dark Sentencer
Ozzy- Paranoid
Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies
AFI- White Offerings
Anti- Flag-The Press Corpse
Andrew WK- Party Hard
Transplants- Tall Cans in the Air
Run The Jewels- RTJ
DMX- X Gon Give it to Ya
Missy Elliott- Pass that Dutch
Limp Bizkit- Rollin (Yeah I know what you’re thinking…but it’s Nu Metal and my blog, so keep rollin!)
Waka Flocka- Karma
Fun Stuff:
Talking Heads- Burning Down the House
Die Antwoord- Banana Brain
Gogol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple
Ghost- Dance Macabre

Gypsy Kings- Bamboleo


I hope you found some new bands or a couple that you already enjoy and want to listen to now. I’d love to know your go to training bands/songs, so let your Dood know! If you hated any or all of my selections let me hear it too,nothing better than a solid music debate. For example I am team Megadeth over Metallica, change my mind.

“Good night now ladies and gents.
That’s the end of the show, now it’s time to go.”  -Cheap Trick


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