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Nutrition With Jocelyn, Part 1

posted on April 15, 2020

I have a few updates for those who read my last blog post about how I’m moving through this trying time. After the blog was posted some of you reached out which left me feeling blessed to be part of this community and Union Fitness in general. You guys inspire me endlessly and challenge me daily which is why I’m letting you all in a little something I’ve started working towards. This will be the start of a series for me, something not only to keep me motivated but also provide educational and useful content for those who would appreciate it.


For a little insight, I haven’t been coaching very long but 2 and a half years truly does go fast and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else. Recently I’ve started working towards my nutrition certification, this is something besides coaching that I am very passionate as well. I’ve always been briefly asked my advice when it comes to nutrition and I figured there couldn’t be a more perfect time to add to my arsenal than now.


Nutrition can appear to be complex and overwhelming but once you begin to understand the basics of eating well, it becomes less frightening. I remember when I first started counting macros, it was a tad overwhelming at first but once I found a routine and foods I knew I could easily prepare everything came together. I felt fueled for every training session and prepared for every day even if it was a rest day and all I had to think about was work. Now, counting macros, keto and all those structured diet plans we see daily aren’t for everyone. Your nutrition needs to be catered to YOU and it should never feel like a burden.


Although for the past year I haven’t counted but that doesn’t mean I’ve strayed from the path of fueling myself properly. Having counted macros for a few years I built a routine and basic knowledge of what I need to feel good and have general knowledge on my daily intake. I’ve continued this approach for about a year now but I know in the coming months I will be ready to take a serious dive back into being more dialed in and structured. You’re probably wondering why stop? Well, life is the answer. I’ve had a whirlwind of a year and found that dialed in nutrition was the least of my worries when I already live by the 80/20 rule. Life is all about give and take, you need to adjust as circumstances change but I’ve also never lost sight of my goals, I’m just living as the complex human being I am.


If you’re reading this you’re wondering what I am I going to be writing about or what this series will entail, well let me tell you. Along with sharing nutritional info and practices I am learning day to day I am going to be supporting small business’ that are healthy alternatives for cravings and/or options for fueling your body properly. This will be a hands on approach to have a little fun with what I am currently doing and it is my hope that I can inspire those reading to make small changes within their own lives or try something new.


So, if this is something that interests you I highly recommend you keep tabs on when each part of the series comes out and what business’ I’ll be supporting that week. I’m looking forward to this little challenge as I haven’t always been a fan of going outside my comfort zone (however, Todd has somehow willed me into almost enjoying it – Thankful is an understatement). With all that said, I hope you enjoy this coming series and please reach out via email or DM me on Instagram if there are things you would like to see discussed.


Email: jocelyn@unionfitness.com


Instagram: @jlemay


Much love Union,



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