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Don’t Be Average

posted on October 31, 2022

The average American gains 8 lbs from November through January. Think about this for a minute. That is almost 1 pound per week. 3,500 calories equals one lbs, so that is an excess of 28,000 calories. Consider that most Americans gain weight in their early adulthood (about 18 lbs). Common sense says that if we as a society gains 8 lbs during the holidays yet only 18 during adulthood then we clearly lose some weight during spring and summer months. What this leads me to conclude is that we must control ourselves over the next few months in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term.


Today I am going to give you a tip for each major eating festival of the upcoming season and how to reduce our weight gain over the next few months.


Halloween the beginning of the end.


Today is Halloween and as you all know this one of the most glutinous days of the year. My son will come home with at least 10 lbs of pure sugar. The tip I have for halloween is be a human, don’t turn down offers of free food. Take all that free candy home and take a few treats out for yourself and then donate the rest of the candy. Do not keep the candy around your house as it will only lead to more and more eating of junk food.


Thanksgiving 2 the gluttony continues.


Thanksgiving is a great day to eat and be around friends and family. In my world there are few things more important than breaking bread with other people. Put your phones away, enjoy the meal and do not feel any guilt for having extra helpings. Now for the best tip all year, come to our turkey burn workout and burn your turkey with us on Thanksgiving morning. Also, bring some friends as this class is free to all. Then after dinner take a nice family walk.


Christmas Season and the multitude of other holidays around Dec/Jan.


December into January is a hard one to navigate as there are too many celebrations. Whether it be the holiday work party, the friends get together, the family get together, or a New Years celebration it can all be a chance to fall off the rails. As anyone who knows me is aware of, I believe be a human, have fun and have a drink. I also know that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. My tip for the weeks of celebrating the end of the year is to simply drink more water. This is a great time to make sure we are getting our gallon of water. Not only will this help you feel full and hopefully make the 4 pieces of pie reduce to maybe 3, it will also help the body functioning to burn some body fat.


January enters the picture.


If you made it through the holiday season without any huge weight gain then it is now time to stay the course. The battle is not yet won. Let’s set some goals as we get through the long winter. It is still too easy to allow the lack of sunlight to affect us through the winter. Find the winter activities that you can do and stay active. The gym will be more crowded as well, so use this as motivation that others are with you.


Happy Halloween and use these tips to stay ready, because as a wise man once said, “If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.”




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