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Find the Workout You Enjoy

posted on September 18, 2017


“Ugh, I hate working out.  It’s such a pain.”


This is what one of my close friends said recently when we were talking about going to the gym for a quick workout.  It surprised me that she could make such a blanket statement about working out when there are so many different varieties and types of exercise to choose from.  After talking for a while, I discovered that she did not hate working out, she hated the workout she had been doing.


Too often, however, this is the negative mindset people have when it comes to fitness and time spent exercising.  If you are struggling to enjoy your workout, stop for a moment to consider why.  Is it boring? Too time consuming? Would you rather workout with friends than alone?


The majority of people who view working out as a chore simply have not found the right type of workout to suit their individual preferences.  Like anything else, some people are more prone to enjoy a certain type of workout.  Just because your best friend goes nuts for her spin class does not mean it’s right for you.  You may enjoy something more strength oriented, like a fatbell class, or even an individualized session with a personal trainer.  Some people favor kayaking or hiking outside instead of going to a gym.  It often doesn’t occur to people that working out can cover many different types of activities.


Different types of workouts are designed to target different parts of the body, but that doesn’t necessarily make one superior to the other.  Although some workouts may specifically target different goals, like fat loss or flexibility, that does not mean it is the only way to accomplish that goal.


If there is a certain kind of workout you love, embrace it.  The odds of you sticking to it and making long term progress are far greater than if you force yourself to a few classes of something you do not enjoy.


Don’t be afraid to try new exercises or a different type of workout class because once you find the workout that clicks with you, exercise can be the highlight of your day instead of a dreaded chore.


At Union Fitness, we offer a diverse variety of classes for you to try.  We have:


  • Spin classes
  • Yoga classes (for people of all levels)
  • Bootcamp
  • Fatbell classes
  • Strength classes (for people of all levels)


If you frequently say you hate exercise and avoid the gym, or just want to change up your routine, come in a check out a class.  They are offered daily and our instructors are happy to work with you to find a workout you are passionate about.  In addition to the classes, there are outdoor programs like Running Club on Sundays that can add even more variety to your options.


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