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Guest Training Log, Simone Morin

posted on November 15, 2019

You will notice that we are going to start having some guests on the blog. One of the things we at Union Fitness want to bring to you is not just what we know, we also want you to learn from others that we learn from. This week Simone Morin is writing our guest post. Full disclosure, Simone was one of my assistant strength coaches when I was director of strength and conditioning at the George Washington University.

Simone has spent time at many schools training athletes, she worked at Kansas, GW, Springfield College as well as UConn and Quinnipiac. Enough from me here is Simone’s workout log.

Todd Hamer

Quick little background – I was introduced┬áto strength training as a college softball player. Through my collegiate career I had never back squatted or benched with a normal barbell. Post-college I started teaching myself new movements I had not experienced in college (with the exception of back squat). About a year ago I finally decided it was time to learn and train back squat and regular bench press. Over this past summer Hamer brought me to the dark side and introduced me to conjugateU so here is a look into a dynamic effort upper body focused day designed to work on my weaknesses.
Dynamic Effort Upper Day
Goals: Work on control and owning the bottom range of motion on bench, while moving the bar as fast as possible on the concentric portion of the movement.
A1. Speed Bench Triphasic Clusters (2 eccentric reps, 10s rest, 2 isometric reps, 10s rest, 2 normal concentric reps). Every rep the concentric portion should be at a speed of about 7m/s. 3 total sets at 95lbs
B1. 1 and 1/4 rep bench (own the bottom range of motion)
5×3 (95, 105, 110, 115, 120lbs)
C1. SA Lat Pulldown with Isometric Band Hold 4x8e
C2. SA DB Row 4x10e
D1. Surf the rack biceps
D2. Surf the rack OH Tricep Extension
D3. Manual Forearm rotations



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