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Hamer’s Training Log

posted on August 22, 2022

2022 has been a great year of training for me. I began with an injury which you can read about here. I returned to some training over the next few months. I made some big changes to how I train during this time. I began to do more sets of 5 and got away from singles and heavier weights. I have also spent a lot more time cycling this year than in previous years.


I have now had a chance to look in the mirror and ask what I want from my training. Checking my cycling stats I am riding an average of 5 days a week, and I am spending an average of 6 hours a week on my bike. Knowing this is a stressor that I must account for, I have adjusted my lifting to fit my current lifestyle. Ask yourself, does your training fit your lifestyle, or are you trying to fit your training into a lifestyle that is not cut out for your training?


Current Training


Some notes on my current training. I have cut my volume down to deal with my cycling volume. In addition I am spending more time warming up and doing my rehab/prehab work.



Squat 3×5 285,305,325


1a. Front Squat (not locking the reps and keeping tension on the legs) 3×10 145-175

1b. Lat Pulldown 3×10


2a. Band Assisted Sissy Squats 2×20

2b. Lying Leg Raise 2×15



Bench Press 3×5 235

FB or DB Incline 2×10-20 reps 80-85#(the goal is getting near failure).

Low Incline on Smith Machine 2×10-15 185

Seated Row 3×20 250#

Pushdowns 2×20

Cable Curls 2×20

Chins 3×6



Conventional Deadlifts 3×5 365

Front Squat 4×3 225

1a Hanging Leg Raise 2×10-15

1b 45 Degree Hypers 2×20



Feet Up Bench 2×10-15 200#

Seated DB or FB Overhead Press 2×15-20 62#

Incline Strap Rows (this is a cable row with a strap while laying face down into an incline bench) 200# 2×20

Single Arm Pushdown 2×20 60#

Single Arm Cable Curl 2×20 40#

After this I may do some extra stuff for fun as Friday is my fun day.


This is a basic breakdown of my current training. My goals are not to get a ton stronger. My goals are to keep my strength levels while staying healthy, biking a lot, and having fun. As I stated earlier I am spending more time doing my rehab/prehab work in addition to what I have listed here.


Thanks for reading and I hope you found something interesting in this workout.








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