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Ham’s Playlist

posted on August 15, 2022

Take out your earbuds and listen to some new tunes with Ham and his lifting vibes. Today I am going to share with you some of my lifting jams for summer 2022.


  1. Black Thought with Run the Jewels and A$AP Rocky, Strangers– If you are sick of Drake (as I am) try the new Black Thought album to cleanse your ears.
  2. Idles- Danny Nedelko-If you don’t mind mixing your punk and politics then Idles is for you. This is a great jam and is a must play in all lifts.
  3. The Beths, Silence is Golden– We all need a little indie rock in our lift playlist.
  4. Elvis Costello, (what’s so funny ’bout) peace, love, and understanding– When in doubt add Elvis to your playlist, and your life will improve.
  5. Rage Against the Machine, Fistfull of Steal– With the summer tour happening I figured Rage must work into this playlist.
  6. Bad Brains, Banned in DC– No lifting list is complete without the Brains.
  7. House of Pain, Top of the Morning to Ya– House of Pain should be listened to more often.
  8. Public Enemy, Burn Hollywood Burn– Chuck D may have the best voice in the history of rap music and no lifting playlist would be complete without hearing Chuck D.
  9. Metallica, Escape– Another band that is on tour this summer, and we can’t leave Metallica off of any lifting list.
  10. Faith No More, Ashes to Ashes– Faith No More are one of the greatest bands to come out of the 1980’s.
  11. Ratt, Body Talk– Yes we have one hair metal band on here. Ethan requested this one.
  12. MF Doom,-Raid- RIP MF Doom.
  13. Mac Miller, The Spins-RIP Mac. Yes I am a yinzer and Mac is the man, The Spins is a little faster tempo and good for your accessory lifts.
  14. Code Orange, Swallowing the Rabbit Whole- Another yinzer pick from me. The beauty of Code Orange is that they run the gamut of metal and punk. This track opens as if it’s industrial, yet quickly moves into some thrash grooves.


I tried to mix up a lot of different music I like while I train. While some of this may be what you enjoy, and if so then rock iy. If not that’s cool too, just open your eyes and ears to new art.




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