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Ham’s Training Log

posted on May 8, 2023

Marathon season is over in Pittsburgh. I love seeing people come together and strive towards a goal, any goal. We at UF host numerous events each year, and we want to find ways to get you working towards your goals.  The bigger events we are known for is our powerlifting meets. As a person who came from the powerlifting world these events are near and dear to my heart. While I haven’t competed in a few years I still try to train hard. With that said, let me tell you about how I am keeping myself healthy, and strong(ish) as I try to fight father time.


Monday, Day 1


On Monday’s I bench. This used to be a squat day, yet after an adductor pull I moved days around to give myself a few extra days rest.


Neck and mobility. Since adding our neck harness I have been doing extra neck work. In the words of my old training partner Toan Chu, “big neck, look cool.”


Bench with 2 chains per side 205 5×5. I started this at 185 and have just been chipping away each week.


1a Arnold Press 3×10 50# I have tried to take my time and feel the muscles on this one.

1b Curls 3×10 30# I added these because I like curls.


2a Neutral Grip Pull Ups 4×5.

2b Lat Pull Down 4×10 Slow and big stretch.


3a Straight Arm Lat Pulldown with strap 3×20.

3b Cable Curl with strap 3×20.

3c Pushdowns with strap 3×20.


Tuesday, Day 2


As I stated earlier I was dealing with a small adductor strain, so I have been taking it easy on lower body work.


1a Deadlifts 5×5 325.

1b Box Jumps 5×3 (lowish box).


2a Pitshark Squats 3×10 5 & 1/2 plates .

2b Chins 3×5.


3a Glute Ham 2×8.

3b DB Upright Row 2×15 30#.


4a Blast Strap Face Pull 3×25.

4b Band Pull Apart 3×20.


Wednesday, Day 3 


Bike day. Just enjoy the world!


Thursday, Day 4


Incline press 3×10 185# I have been progressing with 10’s on this for a few weeks. I’ll move to 8’s next week.


Lat Pulldown 3×10 .


1a Lying Cable Tri Ext 2×15.

1b Overhead Lat Raise 2×10.


2a Partial Lateral Raise 2×10 50#.

2b Lateral Raise 2×10 25#.


Friday, Day 5


Box Squat 6×3 225 # Taking these slow and keeping my adductor happy.


Barbell RDL/Row 3×10 145#.


1a DB Pullover 3×15.

1b 45 Degree Hypers 3×15.

1c Sit Ups off stability ball with a band 3×25.


Other than running 2-3 times per week and biking 3-4 times this is my basic set up. As my hip and adductor progress my lower body training will become more intense and I’ll add volume. Yet, I have learned, jumping too early in load or volume is never a good thing so be patient.








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