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May Training Log- Alexa

posted on May 17, 2019

May 17th, 2019

Alexa’s Training Log


Hi, it’s me again. My training has changed and here is why. I was preparing for my very first powerlifting meet on June 1st at Union Fitness. This is no longer happening. I was going through the motions, week after week and training was becoming a chore. I no longer felt any ounce of me that wanted this and I did not feel well, physically. My sleep was 4-6 hours per night (and believe me, I take sleeping seriously), my body felt fatigue and inflamed, the only thing that I had covered was my nutrition, mostly because it’s the only variable I could control in this situation. Basically, I was not recovering well. 


I had just returned from a trip, pushing hard to get back into my programming, but I could not get myself to push my body further. I knew it was time to make a decision. It comes down to this, my passion for powerlifting is not strong enough to continue this meet prep. This meet was supposed to be a fun thing for me. It was no longer that. Not even slightly. After I decided to nix the idea, I felt very sure. I’m not going to write it off completely and say I won’t try this again, but for now this is not my time to shine in that realm. 


So, what am I doing now? Well, I am moving and feeling great. That is what I train for. My intention is to feel good, train with many modalities, and body comp changes are always a plus!


I’m not getting away from weight training at all, but I am using a timed variation on my strength training for the time being- timed work periods and timed rest periods. The breathing is labored, the back sweat in flowing like the Nile, and I am feeling strong and well. 


Here is what I did today:

Deadlift  4×10@75%
A1. Staggered Stance RDL’s :30/:30
A2. Stallion Squats
A3. GHR’s
A4. Calves on Leg Press
B1. Leg Press :30/:30
B2. Wide Grip Cable Row
B3. Cable Standing Leg Curl
B4. FB SA Rows
AB Finisher :40/:20
-Tuck Ups
-Banded In and Outs
-Classic Plank
-Cable Side Bends


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