May Training Log – Casey

posted on May 24, 2019

In our gym, we practice what we preach. We eat well. We sleep eight hours (except our morning crew). We train hard. And we rest when we need to.


But we’re also human. And our team does a great job of being vulnerable, so that you all realize we go through ups and downs in our lives as well, both inside and outside of the gym.


I’ve had no desire to train as of late, so I haven’t. But that’s also wrapped up in two serious health related items- 1) I’m partway through a medication change for my UC treatment and 2) I’m scheduled for shoulder surgery next week. It’s arthroscopic and should be a pretty simple in-and-out case. I’m looking forward to it actually, so that once my gut heals I can get back to training hard again with a healthy shoulder.


I did train recently and it looked like this…

Belt squat 3 plates/side 10×10

Push ups, BW 10×15

Rest :30 after each super set

I was sore for a couple days afterwards so I know what I’ll be in store for in about six weeks.


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