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Meal of the Week -Casey

posted on May 22, 2019

For context:


  • I haven’t been training with any consistency. 
  • I am using intermittent fasting for two reasons
    • Convenience- it’s nice to put off that first meal until the afternoon
    • Auto-immune support- this style of eating has been shown to help those with AI diseases
  • I have shoulder surgery scheduled for next week
  • My primary goal right now is to let my body rest and reset


This meal is from a meal prep company. I’ve been using them for two weeks and I like it for now because it’s done for me and it’s bland. There aren’t any extra ingredients and it’s not cooked with anything that could upset my GI tract- no unknown ingredients or cheap cooking oils.



Grass Fed Ground Bison

Sweet Potato

Rice boiled in chicken broth


Red pepper

I added more salt and Pre packaged guac from Costco (only ingredients are avocado, lime, salt, and pepper)!

This meal is about 700 calories. 


Overall my day looks like this:

Meal 1 at 1pm- Ground Bison meal

Meal 2 at 4pm- Ground Bison meal

Meal 3 at 9pm- Whatever looks good! Sometimes Chicken or Filet from Butcher Box. Sometimes my mom drops off dinner when she stops over to take care of the dogs. (I’m a momma’s boy through and through.) 


So my days right now are running 2500 calories, but understand my activity is almost nothing -I walk my dogs each morning and that’s about it. I sit most of the day. And my bodyweight is roughly 85% of what I typically walk around at. So keep in mind this is a snapshot of what I’m doing NOW with a very focused goal- REST. After surgery and when I get the clear from my GI doctor, my calories will easily double as I increase activity. And actually my body composition will improve with an increase in calories. Crazy, right? Not really- this is why we push #powerful and resistance training. Our systems, when taxed and fed properly, can respond in incredible ways.



I certainly could meal prep this on my own, but I’m dedicating too much time to other things.

First being my dogs- they’re requiring some ‘retraining.’

Second being Union Fitness- we have some big changes coming in the fall and I’m putting in a lot of work, along with our team, into changing the way we do things. It will still be the same us, but we’re exploring new ways to help YOU!



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