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Meal of the Week – Ryan’s Breakfast

posted on May 1, 2019

I love breakfast, in all forms, for any meal of the day. I love pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Unfortunately I don’t eat those foods every day. I know that there are healthy ways to make these meals, and if you have a solid recipe send it my way but for now every morning I eat four eggs with spinach mixed in and a delicious bowl of fruit.

This morning I had my 4 eggs with spinach, of course, and the chosen fruit for today was mangos. I love eggs and I know a lot of people stay clear of them. I can understand the fear of them since cholesterol is considered all evil. If you do have high cholesterol it’s a good idea to limit them. But there has been a lot of evidence to show that a diet in substantial amount of fiber clears that the excess cholesterol. Fiber actual bind’s to the excess cholesterol in your gut. Not only should the cholesterol be too much of a worry but the yolk of an egg comes with very important fat soluble vitamins, along with my favorite vitamin, Vitamin D. If you love eggs and concerned about your cholesterol I would highly recommend looking up Dr. Eric Serrano and John Meadows. These gentlemen give a lot of advice and science away for free about the benefits of fats.

Now for the fruit, which is hands down my favorite part. My main favorites in the morning are blueberries or mangos. Blueberries and mangos have a fair amount of fiber which is perfect alongside my eggs. Blueberries hold an abundant amount of antioxidants and mangos are a stock pile of vitamin C. If you have the golden ticket, which I call a Costco card, then you have the opportunity to buy huge bags of organic frozen fruit. Everyone has their preference on how they eat their fruit. A fan favorite is in a smoothie but I like it a little different. I actual microwave my fruit (only frozen of course). This might sound gross but if you like pie at all then you might enjoy it too.

And lastly, the spinach is my attempt at forcing myself to eat some sort of dark green leaf twice a day. Mixing spinach in my eggs makes it extremely easy to consume. I have talked about spinach before because I believe it to be one of the best vegetables to eat. It holds Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium. Everything that most people in the modern day are lacking in their diet.

I am curious to know who microwaves their frozen fruit, so if you see me walking around the gym and you have tried it, let me know!


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