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No Crunch Zone

posted on July 14, 2017

Ways to work our your abs
Due to the abdominals being such a large muscle group, solely doing isolated exercises like crunches are a limiting way to see results. Here are a few tips in getting the killer abs you’ve always wanted…
BUT FIRST, an anatomy lesson:
Rectus Abdominis: the “six pack”
External Obliques: run diagonally down the sides of the body between the rectus abdominus and lats
Serratus: fingerlike muscles running from the lats to the sides of the ribcage
Transverse Abdominis: lie directly below the rectus abdominus
Internal Obliques: lie below the external obliques
Intercostals: run beneath and between the ribs
  1. Practice proper breathing
    1. When you follow up a deep inhale into your belly (not your chest) with a forceful exhale, you simultaneously activate the intercostals, a 2 for 1 deal!!!
  2. Fully engage your core
    1. Press your lower back into the floor so that your pelvis lifts up slightly
    2. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly while pulling your belly button in toward your spine to achieve full contraction
  3. Practice proper posture
    1. When you sit, stand, and walk with good posture, you’re engaging your abdominal muscles
  4. Perform compound movements that engage larger muscle groups
    1. SQUAT: back squat, goblet squat, front squat, box squat
    2. PRESS: bench press, overhead press, push-up, bent press
    3. PULL: dumbbell row, chin-up, face pull, inverted row
    4. HINGE: sumo deadlift, conventional deadlift, goodmorning, kettlebell swing
    5. LUNGE: reverse lunge, forward lunge, static lunge, curtsy lunge
    6. ROTATE: Russian twist, med ball scoop toss, landmine rotations
    7. ANTI-ROTATION: pallof press, single-leg plank, reaching plank
Another factor playing a role in having visible abs is fat storage. Genetics determine where and how much fat you store in and some people have more abdominal fat than others. Unfortunately, spot fat reduction is an illusion, so focusing on overall body fat reduction with proper nutrition and a caloric deficit can result in desired abdominal definition.
Remember: patience and consistency are key!


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