Ryan’s Training Log – Nov. 30

posted on November 30, 2018

This program started with completely rebuilding my deadlift and squat. Recently, I made the choice to not participate in a meet that I had signed up for. As frustrating as this decision was, it seems everyone I talked to, including my physical therapist, thought it was the wisest decision in the long run. If nothing else, this makes me appreciate the strong support I have in this gym.


Now the real challenge is redesigning my lifts. Motor patterns are a stubborn thing. As useful as they are, if you have developed poor motor patterns, problems can happen quickly.


One way to begin fixing these bad habits is to do every exercise with intention. Meaning, when I do these exercises for rehabbing my back I want to sweat trying to focus on the muscle that I want to work. I know I can squat 135 without really thinking about it but on this day I made a point to count 2 second pauses while making sure my body is exactly where I need it to be.


When I coach people, I tell them to have a checklist for each lift. Every time you approach a lift you need to go down your list to perform optimally. Now it’s time for me to take my own advice and focus on each point with intensity.



Warm up:
90/90 Belly breathing: 2×5
Raised Toe touches: 2×6
Banded PSOAS March: 3×5 each 3 sec pause
Hamstring Pails and Rails: 3×10 sec
RKC Planks: 3x 10sec


Squat: 135lbs 5×3 2 sec pause
SSB Split Squats: 85lbs 3×8
Belt Sq March:6 plates 3×10 each leg with 2 sec pause (Squeezing my glutes for dear life)
Hamstring curls on machine: 3×12


Also if anyone is curious about how I rehabbing my back feel free to come up and ask me. I am more than happy to talk about it.


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