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Ham’s Breakdown of Classes

One of the coolest things about UF is the diversity inside our gym. We have diversity of clients, classes, and employees. I never know what I am going to get from one day to the next. This week I want to break down our classes, (in a light hearted way) and the diversity of the classes. So I hope we can all laugh at ourselves.

  1. Blitz- I am going to start with my class. This class was founded back in 2020 for the busy office worker (clearly I am terrible at predicting the future). It is a class perfect for people like me (want to train, but come on let’s not work too hard). Seriously, though the class is meant to be short, fun, and a little bit of everything. So no need to sweat so hard, just come and get a little lunch sweat.
  2. CardioLab (the classic)- These classes are OG’s of UF. They have been around forever and I tell everyone here the goal is to burn 500 calories, as painlessly as possible. Warning, burning 500 Kcal is never painless. Make sure you take Steph’s class for extra pain.
  3. Powerful- Powerful is by far our most popular class. Imagine training for a sport that scores of people throughout the US train for, this is powerful. Yet, somehow the crew makes powerlifting look cool in this class.
  4. Ryde- Ryde is our indoor cycling class. Similar to CardioLab classes, Ryde will burn some serious calories. The Ryde instructors are also great DJ’s as they all have their playlists set far in advance. This is the newest group here at UF, and they have brought their own flair to the gym,
  5. Yoga- Haley and her devoted yogi instructors do a great job, on a rare occasion you may even find me twisting my body up with this crew. Plus, they do cool events like heavy metal and whiskey yoga.


There it is our classes in a nutshell. Now go take a class or two and have some fun.