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Physical Therapy at Union Fitness

Union Fitness is a unique facility as we offer so many different options. If you want to drop a few pounds we can help you with that. If you want to get stronger, we know a few people that can help. Maybe your goal is to become a world class lifter, we have been known to dabble in that too. On top of all of that fun stuff we also have some fun in our cardiolab classes, and we have a few hundred athletes that are here everyday to get better.  Now we are adding in new component to help you succeed in life.


Welcome Precision PT to UF.


Mike Allen is a Physical Therapist with years of experience including training athletes as well as normal people like myself. Mike has been looking to expand and so we found a partnership. Mike will be using our facility as his home base in the city. He already runs two successful PT clinics north of the city. He will run all of his services in our gym. Mike will be taking appointments through his PT company and he will use our massage room for assesments and use the entire gym for his rehab.


Now if you are in need of PT you have more options. Also, don’t forget we still have massage available.


Todd Hamer