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Terms You Should Know

posted on December 15, 2021

There are many terms in the fitness world and here are 12 exercise terms you should know.



A set refers to how many times you repeat a given number of reps. For example, one set might be 12 reps of push-ups—repeating for three sets means you’ll do that three times through.


Repetitions (Reps)

Repetition is the amount of times you will perform the exercise (push-ups) in a set.


Super Set

Super setting means pairing two exercises and doing them back-to-back with minimal rest. There are many superset pairings to do.



A circuit consists of a series of exercises performed in sequence, with a short rest in between each exercise. A circuit can be timed, where you do as many completions as you can in a given time frame.


1RM (One-Rep Max)

This is the maximum weight that you can lift for one repetition of an exercise.



This acronym stands for “as many reps as possible.”


HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

A HIIT workout consists of several work-rest intervals. During the work interval you exercise as hard as you can. During the rest interval you either rest completely or continue moving at a low intensity, allowing your heart rate to decrease.



This stands for rate of perceived exertion, and refers to intensity. It’s a point of reference used to communicate how hard you should be working since what feels easy or challenging is different for everyone. On the RPE scale a 1 is little effort while a 10 means you couldn’t possibly do another repetition.



DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness, which is the soreness you feel the day or two after a hard workout.


Single, Double, Triple 

This is for my class people and now they know the answer to this one. A single is 1 rep, a double is two reps and a triple is 3 reps. If I were to say “let’s work up to a heavy triple”, what would that mean?



This is what you should be doing before exercise to raise your heart rate and body temperature in preparation for the workout. This helps increase mobility, range of motion and preparation.



This is what you do at the end of your workout. The goal is to gradually bring your body back to a resting state by lowering your heart rate and calming your nervous system.


There are many more terms and more to come. The more you know.





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