Floor Pressing and Pumps

posted on December 13, 2019

This is my training log for Thursday December 12th 2019. I am currently 16 weeks out from my first full meet in two years. I had a few members here at Union Fitness ask me if I would do a meet with them so I guess I’m doing one. Goals right now are just keep working some general strength while getting ready for the last twelve weeks when the real heavy stuff begins.



Warm Up

I begin every training session with 100 jump ropes.

After this mobility work and some rehab for shoulder and upper back.

Band Rows 100

Floor Press 205×3 225×3 245×3 245×3 265×5 done between 65-80% of my best Floor Press.

Z Press (Saviscaks Press), I always call it Z Press 4×6 135. If you do not know this lift it is a great strength builder. Just do a shoulder press while seated on the floor.

1a SA FatBell Bench 4×10

1b Bodyweight Row 4×10

2a T Bar Row 3×10

2b Tri Pushdown 3x30sec

Some shrugs and abs




In my programming I always leave flexibility at the end to have fun with. I also have learned that I must preprogram my accessories and stick pretty close to the plan or I will lose focus late in the lift.



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