Lindsey’s April Training Log

posted on April 5, 2019

I’m slowly making my way back to training regularly, and with powerlifting in mind specifically. I haven’t given up on weightlifting, but it’s taken a backseat while I try to regain some size and general strength.

Whenever I’m trying to rebuild my fitness, I use two really basic programs that show easy, quick progression: Couch to 5k to get my running fitness back, and 5/3/1 for strength. They are both fantastic and something I recommend to clients all the time (for good reason). Couch to 5k is a straightforward run/walk program – you take around 30 minutes 3x per week and slowly work back up to running for 30 straight minutes, or a 5k. I modify it to run/jog intervals to work my way back to my normal running pace.

As I’m really focusing on rebuilding size and strength right now, I’m taking it easy on cardio (just walking and getting on the elliptical occasionally) and paying more attention to my 5/3/1 progression. The basic idea: week 1 you work each major lift on a separate day with sets of 5, week 2 with sets of 3, week 3 with heavy singles. Add a little weight each cycle, watch the consistent strength gains come in.

The program typically includes a deload after each 3 week cycle, and in the past I always skipped it because I thought I was in good enough shape to not need a deload. INCORRECT. I’m being fanatical about taking that time off now, and even enjoying it. I can feel that my body needs it while I struggle to get enough to eat and sleep.

One of the things I love about 5/3/1 is the total freedom in choosing assistance work. I’m really going ham on the shoulder and glute movements and loving it. Not every day feels great, thats just the nature of training for me while figuring out my health, but today was AWESOME. Here’s what I did, and some video:

Posterior Chain Day Week 2
Speed Box Squat 135+ 1chn x 2 x 8
Deadlift 255 x 3 275 x 3 300 x 3 x 2
Deficit Deadlift 215 x 6 x 4
GHR 4×12
Back Extension 4×15 @ 25lbs
Slider Curls 4×13
Ab Wheel 4×12
Side Bends 4×12 @ 26
KB Swing Tabata 40lbs


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