Welcome Our New Massage Therapist!

posted on April 8, 2019

Michael Hutchins, LMT, graduated from Pittsburgh Technical College in October 2018. He is certified in cupping and IASTM and has plans to become certified in body tempering – something we’ve been looking for here at UF! Some of his favorite modalities of massage are deep tissue and vibration therapy with the Hypervolt. In his spare time, he is also pursuing a Personal Training and Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification through NASM.

Growing up, Michael was inactive and didn’t take great care of his physical health. During his freshman year of high school, his friends convinced him to join the track team and he ended up falling in love with it. He put in the work and mileage over the summer to get into shape and eventually became one of the top runners in his school with a personal best 5k time of 16:14 – he’s still on the top 10 all-time board! After high school, Michael enlisted in the Marine Corps and began to pay more attention to what he ate and his personal fitness. In the fall of 2017, Michael enrolled in the massage program at Pittsburgh Technical College so he could learn more about the human body and how he could effectively treat injuries and prevent pain patterns from forming. Michael is really passionate about learning everything there is about massage and translating that into making his clients lives pain free. “I strongly believe massage should be a necessity in every body’s life and not just a luxury.”


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