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Coffee and Bootcamp

Unioners, Coffee Drinkers and Friends of Friends, do we have a Sunday Funday for you!


Join Miranda, and CeJ this Sunday, July 11th in the Mexican War streets for a FREE bootcamp at Commonplace Coffee. After our Sunday sweat session, Miranda & CeJ will buy your first drink at Commonplace. The bootcamp is FREE but we will be accepting donations made out to The Central Outreach Wellness Center in the Northside. Here is the website link for more information about the Wellness Center LBGT Health Care – Pittsburgh, PA | Central Outreach Wellness Center .




Commonplace Coffee 1501 Buena Vista St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.



Friday July 11th 11AM- 12PM.




Sunday Funday, hold onto your butts and get caffeinated Bootcamp.




To kick off your Sunday Funday, promote health & wellness, drink local coffee from our good friends at Commonplace & support The Central Outreach Wellness Center.




Anyone and everyone who would like to join us can attend this Free event. You can sign up at Union’s website under the class tab or just show up and say hello.


Also remember to go to www.pghcitypaper.com and nominate UF for the best gym in town. You can vote every day till July 9th.


Stay tuned my friends and come down to party with us!





Drink Coffee, Get Bumpy.. Mo Joe

Union, Let’s raise a cup of Joe ,


It has been said loooooong ago in a land far away, that a herd of goats stumbled upon a berry, ate said berry and had a jolt of energy. The goat herder took these berries to the local monastery for the monks to observe. A drink was made with these berries and boom, the nectar of the gods which we call coffee was born!


The Effects of Coffee on Exercise:

1) Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain which in turn reduces grogginess & smacks the parasympathetic system up, boosting alertness & response time. 

2) Caffeine improves blood circulation, which brings oxygen and other nutrients to muscle tissues.

3) A study by old Johnny Hopkins University suggests 200-400mg of caffeine can improve mental and physical performance.

4) Pain in post exercise soreness decreases with pre-training coffee consumption.

5) Coffee has antioxidants which are badass and help defeat evil inside of you.


Now go french press your own, or head on over to your local coffee beanery and enjoy a cup for your health & performance.